Our Plans

Our goal is simple - Get the Silencing of God DVD into the hands of as many Americans as we can as quickly as possible. You can help with this effort.

The West Huntsville church of Christ is spearheading this effort and we will continue to support the distribution and accounting process. However, our plan is to encourage other congregations to participate in the process in their local area.

The following actions have been completed:

  • The DVD has been packaged in an attractive cardboard jacket for mailing.
  • Several congregations have participated in the distribution process (see the Distribution Page).
  • The West Huntsville church of Christ has distributed the DVD to congregations all over the USA not already covered by other congregations.

The distribution progression:

  • The DVD mailing included a letter requesting that the recipient view the DVD and then schedule a time that the congregation can also view it. The letter also referenced this website for additional information.
  • After the congregation views the DVD, we are confident that the church leaders will want to order a quantity of DVDs for their members and friends.
  • We will update our Distribution Map on the website with coverage information as we receive it. This will allow interested churches and individuals view the progress of the distribution process.
  • The DVD may be ordered directly from Apologetics Press. They have agreed to distribute the DVD at a price that is very near cost in order to help us accomplish our goal (see the Contact Page).
  • Ultimately we hope each congregation will decide to send the DVD to denominational churches in their area and that individual Christians will pass along a copy to their friends and relatives.

It is our prayer that you will enthusiastically support this effort to bring our citizens to a clearer awareness of the abundance of Biblical principles upon which this great nation was founded and to which we must return for our sakes and that of our children and grandchildren.


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